Return/Cancellation Policy

Products can be refunded only in the following cases:

  • If the product does not meet your requirements.
  • In the rare event that the product received is found to be defective in any way with proven fault of our COMPANY.
  • If our e-shop has sent you the wrong product and not the one you ordered.

In the aforementioned cases the customer may return the product no later than four (4) calendar days after receipt of the product. Products must be returned in the condition they were received, with all their accessories, in their original packaging, while their bar codes should be returned in their original condition, accompanied by all documents and original purchase documents. If the product is not returned within the specified period or some of the refund conditions are not met, the Company has the right not to accept their return and not to proceed to a refund.

The shipping costs shall entirely burden the customer.

Please bear into mind that we do not refund money.

An order can be cancelled prior to its dispatch date.

In any case, please notify us via email at or via telephone at +302821027311 or +306979449119.