Black Tourmaline & Selenite BG0057

Black tourmaline & selenite rosary with a sterling silver cross.

Each bead is 6 mm in diameter and the cross dimensions are 15 mm x 25 mm.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Tourmaline comprises a large range of sodium minerals and is available in a plethora of colours. This mineral is hard and transparent and very resistant to oxidation. Its name is derived from the Sinhalese word “tourmali”, which means “mixed”. It is supposed to strengthen the nervous system. Tourmalines are encountered across all geological formations in America and Indonesia.

The black tourmaline guards against negative energy.

Selenite healing properties

  • promotes peace and tranquillity.
  • provides clarity.
  • clears the blocked power.
  • lifts up the spirit.
  • helps you access your intuition.
  • is an effective space cleaner.
  • vibrates at a very high frequency.
  • promotes connection and camaraderie.

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