Bull Horn Komboloi AD0018

Bull horn komboloi made of 33 barrel-shaped beads sized 16 mm x 14 mm, threaded on a highly durable cord.

It is 41 cm long and weighs 93 gr.

A certificate of authenticity is provided.

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The horn or antler is the bony projection located at the top of the head of certain animals, such as the bull (in any form of male bovine), goat, deer and many others. This horn, found in various sizes and shapes, has a timeless symbolism and represents a world full of power, glory, kingdom and freedom.

Horns have always been a symbol of power and antiquity, emitting an aura of power and gratitude. Since ancient times, people put their faith in these impressive horns, believing that they would offer them protection and blessings.

Animal horns were often associated with sanctity and piety. Ancient peoples often had the tradition of using horns in ritual ceremonies and religious customs, showing their respect and reverence for religion.

In addition, the horns are a symbol of royalty and power. Leaders and kings in many cultures wore horns on their heads, indicating their superiority and nobility. The horns are a symbol of power and independence.