Chain Worry Beads AC0286

Chain worry beads made of 25 barrel-shaped obsidian beads.

Beads dimensions are 12 mm x 11 mm, it is 31 cm long and weighs 64 gr.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The photo may not represent 100% of the product features.


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Obsidian is a volcanic glassy rock that can be found in black but also in brown or grey. Its hardness is 5.5 and its specific gravity is 2.6. It has been known since antiquity since it was used to make sharp objects, weapons, etc. It is believed to remove negative energy and provide emotional security and peace. In Greece, the most beautiful varieties of obsidian are found in Naxos and Thassos.

Handle this komboloi with care. Inclusions, cracks and breakage surfaces are a natural phenomenon and should never be associated with wear and tear.

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