Handmade Gemstone Necklace BC0037

Handmade gemstone necklace with premium quality aquamarine beads 14 mm in diameter, African turquoise beads measuring 10 mm x 14 mm and 6 mm in diameter and Carnelian breads measuring 2 mm x 4 mm. It also features 14K gold details.

It is 47 cm long.


It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.


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Aquamarine is a transparent or translucent pale blue to greenish blue mineral that was named after its color. Its name is derived from aqua (the Latin word for ‘water’) and marine (the Latin word for ‘the sea’). It is a variety of beryl, its hardness is 7.5-8 and its specific gravity is 2.75.

Turquoise is an opaque, bluish green mineral, a hydrated copper & aluminium phosphate, with a high aluminium content. The natural gemstone is rare and has been prized as an ornamental gemstone for thousands of years because of its unique hue. It is considered to bring peace of mind, relieve stress and promote self-confidence. In Persia, at the time of Alexander the Great, turquoise was used on engagement rings, since according to the tradition, it signified trustworthy relationships. Recently, turquoise has lost some of its value due to the imitations and the synthetically produced turquoise stones. A common turquoise imitation is dyed howlite and Magnesite.

Carnelian is a cryptocrystalline form of Agate. It has a red-orange color and is typically found in cavities of volcanic rocks. It is said to elevate the mood and help turn concepts into practice.


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