Handmade Garnet Silver Ring BA0134

Handmade partly gold-plated sterling silver ring with a garnet cabochon measuring 9 mm x 9 mm.

It bears an engraved authenticity stamp.

Available upon request.


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Garnet is a mineral that derives its name from the Latin word “grantum” which means “pomegranate”. It obtained this name due to the similarity of its crystals with pomegranate seeds both in shape and color. The general perception that all garnets are red is not true. Most members of the garnet group are indeed found in red hues, but garnet stones can also come in all colors (except blue), while uvarovite consistently comes in an emerald-green color. Garnets are divided into two major categories: Pyralspite Garnets including Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartite and Ugrandite Garnets including Uvarovite, Grossular and Andradite).


925 Silver