Men’s Tiger’s Eye Bracelet BB0283

Men’s tiger’s eye bracelet made of button-shaped beads measuring 4 mm x 6 mm, threaded on a highly durable silicon cord.

It is available at a length of 18 cm – 22 cm.

A certificate of authenticity is provided.

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Tiger’s eye Tiger’s eye is one of the most popular quartz varieties. It has a brown color with golden-yellow veins and displays an excellent luster. These veins retain the fibrous structure of crocidolite. It exhibits a characteristic linear iridescence like a moving reflection. This very characteristic optical effect is known by the French word chatoyancy, which means “cat’s eye” and symbolizes the union of the Earth with the Sun. Tiger’s eye is considered to promote decision-making and self-confidence. It is encountered in the USA, South Africa, Namibia, and Brazil.


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