Shungite Komboloi AC0207Shungite Komboloi AC0207

Handmade komboloi made of 33 shungite beads 9 mm in diameter, threaded on a paracord.

It is 29 cm long and weighs 47 gr.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity.


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Shungite is a precious stone deposited billions of years ago that features exceptional healing and natural properties. It is mined in a particular region of Russia and contains fullerenes, a substance present exclusively in carbonate rocks such as diamond. One of its remarkable properties is that it blocks harmful electromagnetic waves from electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computers, etc. It is also used on stealth aircrafts to prevent them from being detected on the radar.

All minerals used for the creation of our kombolois are mostly gemstones used to craft jewelry. Please treat your komboloi with care. Inclusions, cracks and breakage surfaces are a natural phenomenon and should never be associated with wear and tear.

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