Baltic Amber Komboloi AA0061

Baltic amber komboloi made of 23 irregular-shaped beads sized ±12 mm x 11 mm x 8 mm, threaded on a highly durable paracord.

It is 27 cm long and weighs 19 gr.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The photo may not represent 100% of the product features.


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Amber is a precious stone with many interesting stories behind it. It consists of resin fossilized from pine and coniferous trees that have existed for thousands of years. Although it’s not really a stone, but a hardened type of resin. Amber has been used to make jewellery and decorative objects for centuries.

The reason amber is so popular is because of its beneficial properties. It is believed to have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Many people wear amber jewellery to feel more balanced and calm. It is also said to have a positive effect on digestion, immunity and even radiation protection.

Amber has also been associated with ancient mythology and spirituality. The ancient Greeks believed that amber was the soul of trees and that it contained energy and ultimate knowledge. According to myths, amber was a stone that offered protection and blessing.

All minerals used for the creation of our kombolois are mostly gemstones used to craft jewelry. Handle this komboloi with care. Inclusions, cracks and breakage surfaces are a natural phenomenon and should never be associated with wear and tear.

Avoid cleaning with any alcohol-based products.

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