Transparent Faturan Komboloi AL0047

Handmade komboloi made of 23 transparent faturan beads measuring ±13 mm × 12 mm threaded on a highly durable cord.

It is 28 long and weighs 52 gr.

It comes with a certificate of authenticity.


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Faturan is the product invented 100 years ago by the Egyptian chemist named Faturan. This product is an amalgam of mostly German Bakelite, kachraman (pure old-cut amber) powder and other materials and has exceptional features, such as crystal-clear sound, silky texture, and a subtle fragrance.

Transparent faturans are all those kombolois crafted after the wine-red to scarlet faturans. The recipe is identical to the old ones but the ingredient proportions vary changing thus the final product.

Old Cut Amber

Transparent Faturan