Yusuri Earrings BD0228

Yusuri earrings set in sterling silver.

Their dimenions are: ± 22 mm x 18 mm.

A certificate of authenticity is provided.

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Black coral, also known as Yusuri, is a precious material that has been distinguished for its beneficial properties. Apart from its beauty, it is considered to have the ability to remove all negativity and enhance sexuality.

According to ancient tradition, black coral is believed to restore energy and vitality to the body. The ancients believed that the use of black coral can increase well-being and improve sexual performance.

In addition, the properties of black coral have been linked to the removal of negative energies and thoughts. It is believed that it can boost sexual energy and help to release sexual desires.

Yushuri has become particularly popular in Greek culture, as many believe that it can improve the sexual experience and bring happiness and well-being to everyday life. So, Yusuri is a precious jewel that can contribute to the well-being and pleasure of the person wearing it.


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