Sodalite Komboloi AC0169

Sodalite komboloi made of 25 oval-shaped beads, sized 13 mm x 10 mm, threaded on a highly durable cord.

It is 31 cm long and weighs 49 gr.

A certificate of authenticity is provided.

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It is an opaque blue mineral containing elements of Lapis Lazouli. Sodalite was discovered in 1806 and was named after the soda it contains. It crystallizes in the cubic system, has a hardness of 5.7 and a specific gravity of 2.3. Sodalite mines exist in Canada, the U.S., Brazil, Portugal, and Russia.

All minerals used for the creation of our kombolois are mostly gemstones used to craft jewelry. Please treat this komboloi with care. Inclusions, cracks and breakage surfaces are a natural phenomenon and should never be associated with wear and tear.

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